Lone Protester Detained and Tortured in Eastern Tibet.


A monk from Kirti Monastery in Ngaba launched a solo protest on march 16, 2017.

Lobsang Dhargyal was quickly detained and carried away by the local authorities present at the scene amid heightened surveillance and restriction during the ‘politically sensitive’ month of March.

Lobsand Dhargyal in an undated photo. pic : RFA

He launched the solitary protest on the locally famed hero’s road at Ngaba commemorating the fateful day in 2008 when 22 Tibetans lost their lives after Chinese troops shot indiscriminately on peaceful Tibetan protesters. Sources in India reported that he shouted slogans for free Tibet and long life for His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

No information about his whereabouts and physical conditions was made available to his family members for over a week.

Lobsang Dhargyal was finally traced with the help of locals to a recently built military camp in Ngaba in severe health condition.

“He has been severely tortured while in detention, and is now in critical condition.” cited a source by RFA in a report. “[Dargye’s] family, relatives, and classmates at the monastery are concerned that he may die from the beatings he now endures each day, and they are also worried about what the Chinese authorities may be forcing him to confess to,” the report further added.


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