A Tibetan Man Cut His Throat to Protest China in Lhasa

      June 23, 2017:25 PM

An unidentified Tibetan man has reportedly cut his throat in protest against the Chinese repression in Tibet.
A Tibetan man slit his throat with a knife after calling for Tibetan freedom near Jhokhang temple, Tibet’s most sacred pilgrimage centre at the busy Bharkor area frequented by Tibetans and Buddhist from around the world in the traditional Tibetan capital city, Lhasa. According to reliable new outlets in exile, the incident happened at around 10 a.m. today.

According to the report, the man is assumed to be dead. However, no further detail about the incident is available at the time as the ever present Chinese policemen rushed to the spot and wrapped the scene of the incident with sheets of large blue cloth making it further impossible for bystanders to witness the following affair.

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