Another Self-immolation in Tibet by a Monk, Number reaches 150

      May 20, 2017:49 PM


A Tibetan monk died after staging a self-immolation protest, challenging Chinese rule in Tibet on Friday in the eastern Tibetan province of Amdo.

an undated photo of Jamyang Losel

Jamyang Losel, belonging to the Gyerteng monastery at Nangra town in Kangtsa County set himself alight at around 5 in the morning of 19 may near peoples hospital in Kangtsa County. His protest marked the number of self-immolation by Tibetans to 150.

“He did not survive his protest,” quoted a source by RFA news service. “Losal’s body was taken away by the police, and when his family members went to the police station to claim his remains, the police refused to comply with their request,” he added.

Jamyang Losel was 22, and a native of Dong Gya village in Nangra Township.

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