Tibetan Political Prisoner with Multiple Health Issues Released Early

      May 8, 2017:04 PM


A Tibetan political prisoner arrested during 2008 pan Tibet uprising was released on May 1, three years before the end of his actual prison term of thirteen years.

Jamphel after his release                                           pic: RFA

Jamphel, 45, was welcomed home by his family and friends along with many other people from the neighborhood upon his arrival at his hometown of Nangma Tsangkor village of Tserima township in Machu (Ch;  Maqu) County, a day after he was released by the authorities at Baiyin prison near Lanzhou, the provincial capital of Gansu on April 30.

According to reports, Jamphel was arrested during the 2008 nationwide protest against the Chinese rule. He was arrested on March 14 for spearheading a protest in front of the government offices in Tserima Township. He was held for eight months at a detention centre, undergoing repeated torture and interrogation before he was sentenced to 13 years in prison.

A report by Radio Free Asia cited an unnamed source as saying Jamphel is “suffering injuries to his head and leg, and can now walk only with difficulty.” further adding “Family members who travelled to Baiyin to receive Jampal on his release found him ’weak and thin,’ and several former acquaintances found it difficult to recognize him.”

The Gu-Chu-Sum Movement Association of Tibet strongly condemns such act of torturing Tibetan political prisoner during arbitrary detentions and imprisonments. The organisation would like to demand the Chinese authorities to respect the basic rights of every Tibetan and specially those of Tibetan political prisoners in accordance to the law of the land, and urge the international communities to hold China responsible and accountable for such act of basic human rights violation in Tibet.

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