Tibetan College Student in India Burned Himself to Protest China

      July 15, 2017:53 PM


A 20 years old Tibetan student of Tibetan origin set himself ablaze at his university in Varanasi, a city in the north Indian state of Uttar Pradesh to protest China’s iron grip over Tibet. 

Tenzin Choeying, a second year student at the Central University for Tibetan Studies, located in Sarnath, a locality in the north Indian city of Varanasi (Banaras) in Uttar Pradesh, called for Victory to Tibet( Bhod Gyalo) while his body engulfed in flame. He is currently under observation in a hospital in Varanasi with doctors claiming 66% of his body has burnt.

A video footage of him running in a hall with his body ablaze has circulated widely among Tibetan communities in India and abroad.

Choeying has left a handwritten note prior to his intended self-immolation protest, declaring Tibetans inside Tibet are denied basic rights and that he has immolated his body for Tibet and it’s just cause.

Choeying is an active member of Tibetan Youth Congress, the largest Tibetan NGO that works to resolve the issue of Tibet and has also participated in voluntary works during the Kalachakra initiation ceremony held this year at Bodhgaya, serving to help elders commute with their assistance, direct the new visitors around about Bodhgaya and other services including keeping watch of the makeshift tents while all the pilgrims were attending the teachings, under the initiatives of the Tibetan Youth congress.

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