Exhibition on Tibet’s Deteriorating Human Rights Condition Held at Mewon Petoen School.

      November 20, 2018:51 AM


Gu Chu Sum Movement Association of Tibet has successfully wrapped its third travelling exhibition at Mewon Peton School at Khanyara yesterday.


The Tibetan middle school with strength of around 80 students and their staffs visited the exhibition in groups of twenty and were given a detailed description of the pictures on display with its historical importance and implications regarding the history of an independent Tibet and its current human rights situation. The diligent students of the Petoen School and their teachers showed great interest in the photos on exhibition, with students noting down important historical facts and getting into interaction with members of the organising group with further inquiries with an eye on the details.

Gu Chu Sum Movement association of Tibet is elated to have given the opportunity to organise the exhibition at the Mewon Petoen School, we as an organisation would like to thank the administration, teachers, and staffs of the school for extending their cooperation and helping the team wrap up the exhibition successfully.

The Travelling Exhibition on Tibet and Its Deteriorating Human Rights Situation will showcase the general history of Tibet as a distinct polity before its forced annexation by Mao’s Liberation Army, the tragedy that befell on the Tibetan People under an alien occupation and the deteriorating human rights situation inside Tibet. The initiative is aimed to reach out to the general population of the host country of Tibetans in exile everywhere, beginning with India, with a focus to reaching Tibetan settlements en route and create awareness about the deteriorating Human rights situation inside Tibet.

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