Former Tibetan Political Prisoner Passes Away

      April 5, 2019:50 PM


A former Tibetan Political prisoner imprisoned for more than five years has recently passed away.

Lekshey Thupten, a former monk at Nalanda Monastery in Phenpo, Lhundrup County in Lhasa, who was previously imprisoned at Gutsa and later, in the infamous Drapchi prison for a total of five years is said to have passed away recently.

Lekshey Thupten was arrested in March 1995 by local authorities for his involvement in activities deemed politically sensitive. He was, for more than two years held at Gutsa prison and was subjected to brutal torture and harsh interrogation. He was later moved to the notorious Drapchi prison where he was assumed to have suffered inhuman treatment by the hand of the authorities there.

At the time of his arrest, the so-called Tibetan Autonomous region (T.A.R) was headed by then party secretary Chen Kuiyuan. During his tenure of eight years, hard-line policies were implemented in all areas of the so-called T.A.R.  Repression of the Tibetan people was rampant and religion suffered a major setback, demonstrations, and protest by individual and groups from the monastic institutions against religious repression was at its height.

Due to heavy surveillance and strict monitoring of all information channels by the Communist Party of China in all the traditional Tibetan areas, detailed information concerning the sad demise of Lekshey Thupten is unavailable at the time.

Lekshey Thupten la was born in Phenpo, Lhundrup County in Lhasa. He was ordained in the local Nalanda Monastery at a young age. from a young age, he started studying Buddhist dialectics and doctrines at the monastery until his arrest in 1995.


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