School’s introduction

The school was established on 10th April, 2000. This program which can be termed as an adult fast-track Education System has so far witnessed fourteen alumni. Currently, the 15th Batch is pursuing its education consisting maximum of 20 students to enable a quality education. It is a year-long program which offers a basic computer courses with English and Tibetan Language classes.

School’s aim:

The political prisoners who were sentenced under the tyrannical and atrocious prison system at young ages have weakened physically and psychologically which hinders the possibility of attending regular schools such as Tibetan Children’s Village or schools set up by Central Tibetan Administration. In addition to this, some former political prisoners though have a fair grasp in Tibetan language but due to lack of opportunities, it is requisite to learn widespread and important language like English and besides computer lessons in accordance with the modern technological development.
Therefore, it is our crucial endeavor behind setting up of the school to provide the students with an introductory mode of self-reliance or a foundation.

Students’ Origin/ Qualification:

The first priority of the limited seats for the program is given to the members of the organisation while under rare circumstances of availability; the opportunity is given to other Tibetans from Tibet. But these days since most of the Tibetan prisoners of conscience are slowly going to Australia and other part of the world, we have widened the space have eagerly decided to provided the remaining seats from the 20 to the Tibetans from Tibet. There are other organisation who provide free language and computer classes but due to the sheer fact that the quality of education as well as security in terms of housing, mess facility, stationary and pocket money is provided to them for the entire year, we have strong flow of applicants for the program.

Other facilities:

Giving due importance to English language there is an hour to two special slot provided for English conversation class. It’s an opportunity for the students to be able to interact with our various volunteers of native English speakers. This is a time when they get to practice what they have learnt in their English language class and sometimes learn more on practical level.
Guchusum School is one of the most vigorous program of Gu-Chu-Sum Movement Association of Tibet which has currently started to involve Tibetans from Tibet apart from GuChuSum members. Tibetan society is able to use this opportunity as a benefit not only for themselves but for the Tibetan at large as they are groomed to become an independent agent.