GuChuSum Handicraft Center

Our Handicraft Center was established in 1991, at the instance when Gu-Chu-Sum Movement Association of Tibet was established. It is based in Mcleod Ganj, Dharamsala. We have two sub-centers; one edged purely on traditional costumes particularly of the Buddhist monks and nun whereas other is concentrating on range of both traditional and contemporary products. All products are purely hand-made created with the use of modernization and technological up-gradation to provide you a high quality product.
Our Handicraft section provides authentic traditional Tibetan outfits, pure silk cosmetic kits, raw silk lady Tibetan tops and cotton kimono tops, Tibetan themed cushion covers, hangers and door cover and in addition blocked printed prayers flags etc. handmade by our own skilled artisans. For instance, In fact we’ll be happy to work on news designs as per your special requests.
We are vastly skilled in creation of high quality products that are specifically ordered by organizations and individuals living outside India. We are also particular about the completion of order on the mentioned time-frame as well as delivering high quality products in ensuring customer satisfaction.
The profit generated from the Handicraft Centers goes into overall welfare schemes of the former Tibetan prisoners of conscience and their family as well as the political activists inside Tibet who were able to escape to India.
We cater the customers who require specifically tailor-made traditional dresses.
For the customers residing or traveling locally there are two shops of the handicraft section where the products are all in display and for sale. The new shop that opened especially has range of fabrics on exhibit to give you choices into creating new and unique clothing or products. Please stop by as you will be welcomed by our sale girls who will be more than happy to introduce you to the products and of course give you a background of the organization.