Guchusum Introduction

The Gu-chu-sum Movement Association of Tibet is an organization formed by the former political prisoners of Tibet. It was established on 27th September 1991, in Dharamsala of the north Indian State of Himachal Pradesh. On 19th August, 1993 the organization was recognized by the Central Tibetan Administration as one of the eight Tibetan NGOs in exile. Subsequently on 29th May, 1997, it was registered under the Indian government’s Society Registration Act 1021/97.
The Organization’s Name and Its Significance
The name of the Gu Chu Sum Movement was derived from the months, which witnessed the leading demonstrations of the young Tibetans inside Tibet against the Chinese communist totalitarian regime and its unjust suppression in Tibet. Gu, Chu and Sum are Tibetan numbers 9, 10 and 3 representing September and October of 1987 and March of 1988 which saw the three major pro-independence demonstrations suppressed in Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet. Many of those who took part were imprisoned, savagely beaten and inhumanly tortured and sentence to reform through labor camps. Several peaceful demonstrators were killed and many more were seriously injured.