Kirti Monk Sentenced after Ten Months in Detention

      July 29, 2016:36 AM


On Tuesday July 19th, Lobsang, a monk from Kirti monastery, was sentenced after a secret trial to three years in prison by Mongshen regional court, about 300 kilometers away from Ngaba. None of his family members were informed of the hearing, and Lobsang’s whereabouts remained unknown until now, according to reports and news from reliable sources inside and outside of Tibet.lobsanglobsang-1


Lobsang, who is identified only by his first name, was taken into custody after his solitary protest on the locally-famed street known as Heroes’ Road in Ngaba on September 10th, 2015. He called out in public for Tibetan freedom, the release of Panchen Lama and long life for his Holiness the Dalai Lama. He was detained for more than ten months, undergoing severe torture and interrogation. His family remains deeply concerned over his health as details of his physical condition are unknown.


Lobsang is the fourth among more than five children born to Mr. Gatse and Mrs. Neykyi of Chukley Gapma, Ngaba. Lobsang, who joined Kirti monastery as a young child, is now 23 years old. He will serve his prison term in Maowun {Mao} County.

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