Long Term Tibetan Political Prisoner released

      September 1, 2017:43 PM


An elderly Tibetan man was released after serving more than twelve years in what is reported to be his third term in a Chinese prison since 1987.

Sonam Gyalpo, arrested for the third time in 2006 was released from his prison on August 27, according to reliable sources for the human rights desk of the organisation.

The senior Tibetan political prisoner was arrested for the third time in less than two decades in 2006 for reasons deemed political, he was later handed a term of twelve years behind bars. However, no information regarding his health condition is available at the moment due to heightened crackdown on information outflow specifically in Tibetan Autonomous Region.

He was first arrested for taking part in September 27,1987 protest that witnessed large scale protest by the Tibetan people around Lhasa suppressed with a brutal crackdown from the Chinese armed forces. He was subsequently released after serving three years of imprisonment.

According to sources, he was arrested for the second time in July, 1992 for his engagement in political activity and spent more than a year in Chinese prison before he was released.

Sonam Gyalpo hails from Yardok Township of Nakartse County in Lhokha Prefecture in the so called Tibetan Autonomous Region. During the last three decades, he was sentenced to more than sixteen years in Chinese prison.



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