More Restrictions in Lhasa for Tibetans from Outside TAR

      December 25, 2019:55 AM


Official news outlets reported The Lhasa Municipal Government and the provincial government held a conference on 11th Dec. 2019 on the regulation of Tibetans visiting Lhasa from other provinces.

Visitors, commonly referred to temporary residents in Lhasa from various parts of traditional Tibetan areas have, in recent times seen a surge in restrictions and surveillance in the city they have adopted.

The conference attended by various departments of the Lhasa Municipal government and the provincial government stressed the need for greater scrutiny of the visitors during their stay in Lhasa Town, the capital city of traditional Tibet and begin in earnest the education and training of law enforcement agencies related to the matter.

‘Visitors’ to Lhasa refers to Tibetans from other provinces visiting Lhasa that generally include traders, pilgrims, and others visiting their relatives in Lhasa for short and long durations. While many reside at their relatives’ or friend’s place many resort to hotels and lodges during their stay at the city.

However, during their stay in Lhasa visitors are mandated by law enforcement agencies to carry with them at all times their personal identification card issued by the government detailing their permanent residential address and other information. Moreover, the visitors have to provide for themselves a local guardian taking the ownership of any issues faced by the visitor during his stay in the city.

The deputy head law enforcement agency of the so-called TAR, Chemi Gyalpo presided over the conference. During his speech, he stressed the importance of compensating the shortcomings, strengthening the basics, striving for success and taking ownership of their responsibilities by the law enforcement agents to enable better management of the locality with communication, control, and measures.

Since the 2008 nationwide uprising in Tibet sparked off from protests in Lhasa, series of policies and measures were formulated and implemented in Tibetan areas to restrict the movement of Tibetans, particularly in the so-called Tibetan Autonomous Region and its capital city, Lhasa. Many Tibetans, migrant workers and traders were restricted and barred from entering Lhasa since.



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