Thousands of Residents Protest Nuclear Waste Project in Eastern Chinese City

      August 17, 2016:18 PM


More than a thousand residents gathered to protest a nuclear waste project proposed by the government in the eastern Chinese city of Lianyungang (Jiangsu). On August 7th, a protest was held at the main market square of the city, according to reports from a major news outlet, with the number of protesters growing.

What began as a peaceful protest turned violent after policemen in riot gear tried to disperse the large gathering following the protesters’ attempted release of fellow protesters who were held captive by police authorities in a school building nearby. Angry banter between the police and protesters was followed by the relentless beating of protesters by police.

jangsu-2jangsu-3Images and videos of bloodied protesters and policemen handcuffing protesters have been circulating online and via micro messaging sites.

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