Tibet Advocacy in Australia through ‘Travelling Exhibition on the Deteriorating Human Rights Condition inside Tibet’ and Public Interactions.

      September 20, 2019:17 PM

Tibetan Community in Australia visiting the exhibition.

Gu-chu-sum Movement Association of Tibet’s President Ms. Lhagyari Namgyal Dolkar la and Vice President Mr. Dawa Tashi visited Australia for a tour of the continent to create awareness on the current Human rights situation inside Tibet through advocacy and grassroots mobilisation in support of the Tibetan struggle at an international level through exhibitions and public engagements. The team along with the help of Gu-chu-sum members opened its exhibit of the ‘Travelling Exhibition of deteriorating Human Rights in Tibet’ on 24th August for the Tibetan community including its members settled in Melbourne; Australia.

The demonstration organised by Gu-Chu-Sum to support Hong Kong protests.

The next day in collaboration with the Tibetan Community of Victoria – Melbourne, and support from Gu-Chu-Sum members in the locality, a Rally was organised on the steps of Victoria’s state library in support of Hong Kong’s mass protests where the exhibition was opened for the general public as well. The rally was joined by Melbourne based leaders and the members of Uyghur, Hong Kong, and other international communities

On 27th August, Ms. Lhagyari Namgyal Dolkar, the incumbent President of the organisation appeared in a televised interview at ABC News Melbourne’s the World interview. She shared her thoughts on Tibet, East Turkistan, and Hong Kong in light of the recent protest in Hong Kong and the heavy-handed police brutality against the protests. The interview was broadcasted live on the national television at 10:30 pm (local Time)

In Canberra, the first presentation of Guchusum’s Travelling Exhibition took place at Gamera Place on 29th August. The outdoor exhibition was visited by local Australians and tourists visiting the area. With support from Tibet Office, Tibetan Community Association, and Guchusum members in the area, the exhibition was well received by the local visitors and tourists alike


The Travelling Exhibition was presented to the Tibetan community in Canberra on 30th August with the assistance from our member Dadon la, Tsering Samkhar la and the Tibetan Association of Canberra. President and vice-president explained and elaborated in detail the project as well as briefed the photos to the participants followed by a Q&A session with the attendees. Amongst the participants, the organisation is honoured to have the presence of Bawa Kelsang Gyaltsen, the Chinese liaison officer at the Tibet Information Office, Canberra, former Kalon Chope Paljor Tsering and former representative of His Holiness Atisha Tenzin Phuntsok.

locals visiting the exhibition in Brisbane.

On Monday; 2nd September, Guchusum’s Travelling Exhibition was showcased in the city of Brisbane. The display was exhibited for the general public in front of the City Council with the help of the Queensland Tibetan Community Association and Tibetans living there. During the exhibition, we are delighted to have discussions and exchange of information with many locals and visitors about the Human Rights conditions inside Tibet and the Tibetan struggle for freedom and self-determination.

The third lap of the travelling exhibition in the city of Brisbane ended with its display at the University of Queensland. U.Q. has been known in the news when a peaceful Hong Kong solidarity protest was met with a counter-protest led by students from mainland China. The displays on the human Rights Condition inside Tibet led to interesting dialogues/ debates/ Q&A between the organiser and the mainland Chinese students at the university. We wish to thank the University administration for creating the platform of healthy dialogue and upholding free flow of information that it’s known for. We wish to also acknowledge the support of both the new and former Queensland Tibetan Association, the Tibetan community in particular along with Former president Namgyal Jinpa la

Meeting with Gu-Chu-sum members in Sydney

In consultation with the regional coordinators of the organisation in Sydney, the largest concentration of Gu-Chu-Sum Members in Australia, the organisation was able to arrange a meeting between representatives of the executive board and the organisation’s administration with members at the Dee Why Church at 3 pm of 4th September 2019. President and Vice-President of Guchusum were able to meet a section of the members about the ongoing projects as well as interact about the future plans of the organisation.



meeting and interaction with Greens MP Jenny Leong of NSW

On 5th September, President Lhagyari Namgyal Dolkar and Tenpa Dugdak la shared a one-hour meeting and interaction with Greens MP Jenny Leong of NSW. The discussion varied from their concern over racism that exists in Australia vis-à-vis Tibet apart from the essence of human rights, equality and democracy in Tibet which has been restricted by Chinese Communist Party as well as bridging the distance between communities through inclusivity and empathy in general and particularly in Australia. We thanked the Australian government for embracing the Tibetan community with the background of political prisoners, dissidents, and their family.

journalist Peter Wu of Vision China Times met with President Ms. Lhagyari Namgyal Dolkar to interview

Later that day, journalist Peter Wu of Vision China Times met with President Ms. Lhagyari Namgyal Dolkar to interview her for their newspaper. Vision Times is an independent Chinese language media group which is one of the most read Chinese-language newspapers in the country and their prints are distributed in 22 cities in 17 different countries and regions across the globe. The Vision China Times has been criticised for being “anti-China” by Chinese consular officers.

President, Vice-President, Guchusum member Dhondup la with Tenpa Dugdak la met Liberal party MP Jason Falinski

On the 6th September President, Vice-President, Guchusum member Dhondup la along with Tenpa Dugdak la met Liberal party MP Jason Falinski interaction about plights of Tibetans inside Tibet as well as their expectations from the free world. Guchusum as an organisation and its projects, particularly the travelling exhibition was introduced to him. We thanked the Australian government embracing the former Tibetan political prisoners, the dissidents, and their family in the country.

On the same day, Guchusum’s Traveling Exhibition was presented to the local residents in Sydney. We thank RTYC Sydney and Guchusum members for engaging sternly on the exhibition at Martins place.

Guchusum would like to acknowledge the strong support of Tenpa Dugdak la, Acha Choedon la and member Dhondup la for making these meetings with Different communities, media, and leaders possible.

Fundraising Dinner with Gu-Chu-Sum supporters and well-wishers.

Gu-Chu-Sum Movement Association of Tibet would like to extend our heartiest thank you to everyone who came to offer your love and support for Guchusum and the work of the Guchusum team working hard in India by joining us for the fundraising dinner. We all stand with and for the larger cause of free Tibet. Thank you

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