Tibet Exhibition Survived a Chinese Woman’s Vandalism

      October 6, 2017:14 AM

Tibet Exhibition Survived a Chinese Woman’s Vandalism

This year’s September 27 and October 1 marked the 30th anniversary of the non-violent and peaceful Pro-independence protest led by the new generation of Tibetans in Lhasa in year 1987.

The Gu-Chu-Sum Movement Association of Tibet with reference to the importance of the event for the organisation in particular, has organised the exhibition at the Tibetan Martyr’s Memorial in Tsuklakhang Temple premises on October 1, 2017. The exhibition consisted of rare photographs from the 1987 Lhasa Uprising to commemorate the significant event of historical importance in the Tibetan freedom struggle.

As the exhibition proceeded with its visitors and visitors to the temple going in, people flocked in large numbers, until a lady of Chinese origin, Ms Zhu Wen Qi interrupted and started verbal abuse and accused the organisers of displaying old photographs, even going to the extent to claim the photographs as fake and claimed that such a movement never happened. When the organisers tried to calm her down and resonate with her, she resorted to physical abuse and wrestled a Tibetan woman journalist covering the event to the ground causing damage to her camera equipment. She even manhandled the president of Guchusum Movement Association of Tibet, Ms Lhagyari Namgyal Dolkar, all the while claiming to be a “follower of Dalai Lama”.

Ms Wen later took out a large scissor and cut the rope that was holding up photographs. The General Secretary of the organisation was swift to act as the Chinese intruder reached and cut a rope holding the pictures on exhibit.

Ms Wen Qi later left the scene after an elderly woman from Hong Kong confronted her and pointed to her that despite her intimidation Tibetans remained peaceful and that she should learn from the Tibetans.


It is evident that the situation inside in Tibet is worse; driving Tibetans to the brink of self-immolation. The policies laid by the communist government in Tibet are that of a slow cultural genocide, assimilating and eliminating Tibetans in accordance to the need and wish of the regime. The economic and political muscle the regime has flexed in international arena is also an apparent reality in the Tibetan community. However, the implication of this incident, where Ms Wen’s loyalty for the Chinese Communist government resulted in a blindfolded rage in the face of a large number of Tibetans and foreigners present at the heart of Tibetan exile diaspora, is of grave concern for every Tibetan who considers the safety of His Holiness the Dalai Lama the utmost importance.

Therefore, the Guchusum Movement Association of Tibet has lodged a formal police complaint and took the matter directly with the Superintendent of Police, Kangra District with detail information about Ms Zhu Wen Qi and events of the incident. A copy of the complaint letter was later submitted to the Department of Security, Central Tibetan Administration.

The organisation would like to urge every Tibetan and friends of Tibet to be mindful of such activities and incidents in the future, in earnest while His Holiness graces the town with his presence. The safety and security of His Holiness the Dalai Lama should be of utmost importance and should never be compromised for personal gratification, for in him is the soul of happiness and fate of the six million Tibetans, both inside and outside Tibet.


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