Tibetan Man Imprisoned for Listening to Foreign Broadcast Released Early

      August 1, 2019:58 AM


A Tibetan man jailed for listening to foreign news broadcasts has been released early due to ‘good behaviour’ and hard work in prison with less than two years remaining on his prison term.

Yonten Rabgay (Radio Free Asia)

According to news outlets in exile, Authorities in north-western China’s Qinghai province have released Yonten Rabgay, a native of Chigril County in Golog Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture was released from prison on 26 July, after serving more than four years of his six years’ prison term handed out to him in 2015.

Yonten Rabgay, a Tibetan nomad, was arrested in Chigdril on March 13, 2015 to be charged with accessing illegal news content in Tibetan from a foreign broadcaster. Rabgay was later sentenced to six years in prison.

It was known that Yonten Rabgay’s family and some relatives went to receive him at the prison but disallowed as he was escorted by authorities to his home.

According to the RFA report “At present, his overall health condition is in terrible shape, but there is no visible damage to his limbs,” the source said, adding, “At the moment, it is not clear to what extent the Chinese authorities may restrict his movements and conduct in the future.”


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