Tibetan Monk Imprisoned for Writing Song Released

      November 20, 2017:17 PM

A Tibetan monk, author of a song praising the previous Panchen Lama and the reincarnate 11th Panchen Lama, has been released after completing his jail term last month.

Lobsang Jinpa, 35, was released from prison on 31st October, 2017, after sering 5 years in prison, and has since returned to his hometown in Tridu (Ch: Chenduo) County in Kyegudo (Ch: Yushu) Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province, in the traditional Tibetan province of Kham. The news of his release was delayed due to the heightened restriction imposed on information and communication during the 19th Party Congress of the CPC.

Lobsang Jinpa was accused of ‘separatist activities,’ presumably for writing a song in collaboration with the famous Tibetan singer Lolo, paying tribute to the late Panchen Lama and disappearance of the reincarnate 11th Panchen Lama. He was arbitrarily detained and removed from his monastery along with four other monks on the night of 12 Sept. 2012 during a raid conducted by more than one hundred armed policemen. The rooms of the arrested monks were searched and their belongings, including DVD and electronic items, were confiscated. At a closed door trail in Xiling City, Lobsang was sentenced to five years in prison. Lolo was also tried and received a prison term of six years on charges of singing about freedom and Tibetan identity.

Lobsang Jinpa was briefly released for treatment in 2013 after suffering from severe kidney and liver conditions. Further details regarding his current state of health are unavailable at this time. Lobsang Jinpa is son of Tagyal and Pema Tsomo, who belong to Geshing Nomadic Camp in Tridu County in Kyegudo. Prior to his arrest, Lobsang was a monk at Nyatso Zilkar Monastery, where he studied Buddhism.

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