Tibetan Monk Released after Six Years in Jail for Self-immolation Protest

      August 1, 2017:17 AM

A Tibetan monk was recently released from prison after serving his full prison term of six years.

Lobsang Kelsang, 25, a monk from Kirti Monastery in restive Ngaba County was released by authorities on July 29 from the Deyang prison.

He was detained by the People’s Armed Police (P.A.P) on 26 Sept. 2011 after staging a twin self immolation protest on the main road at the Ngaba County Seat with a fellow monk from Kirti monastery, Lobsang Kunchok; 18 at the time, to challenge the Chinese rule in Tibet.

No information about their condition was made available after their attempted self immolation protest. Since their detention at the time it was unclear whether they survived the self immolation until Lobsang Kunchok was released earlier this year in April, with an arm and a leg amputated. Additionally, Lobsang Kunchok was barred from returning to his monastery.

However, no detailed information about the present health condition of Lobsang Kelsang is available, and restrictions imposed upon him are also unclear.

Lobsang Kelsang hails from the Jharutsang family of Meruma camp no 2 in Ngaba County and is the nephew of Phuntsok, the monk who self immolated on 16 March 2011.

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