Tibetan Woman Appointed CPC’s Provincial Party Secretary in China

      January 23, 2018:39 PM


A woman of Tibetan origin was appointed to the post of Chinese Communist Party’s secretary of the Chinese coastal province of Fujian.

In what is seen as an unprecedented move by the communist party, a woman of Tibetan origin, Ms Tsui yi ying, was appointed to the post of Party Secretary of Fujian Province on the eastern coast of the country on January 21, 2018.

Ms Tsui, 59, replaced the former incumbent and a close associate of President Xi, Mr. You Quan, following his promotion to the head of UWFD for his successful association with business communities from Taiwan and Hong Kong during his tenure.

A former teacher at a college of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry in T.A.R. in the 80s, she later served a number of government institutions and offices across the country in various positions spanning for more than three decades. Prior to her appointment as the Party Secretary of Fujian Province, she served as the head of CCP’s Central Propaganda Department from 2011.

Fujian Province, located on the south eastern coast of China is one of the more affluent provinces with many industries including many foreign firms. It is also a strategically very important province, separated from Taiwan by the 180 kilometres, is nearest to Taiwan and Hong Kong.

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