Tibetan writer and Activist Released after Three Years in Prison

      March 20, 2018:57 PM

A well known Tibetan writer has been released from Chinese prison after three years on March 19, 2018.
Druklo, well known by his pen name Shokjang was released yesterday after serving three years in Chinese prison and later reached his hometown in the evening with people from around the area flocking in to welcome him.

Shokjang has a history of activism, played a key role in leading a student protest at Northwest University for Nationalities in Lanzhou on March 2008. A social and contemporary writer, and a student of Tibetan Literature at the time, he wrote many essays and blogs about a wide range of topics including unnecessary deployment of a heavy troop in Tibetan regions and the government’s response to the Tibetan uprising in 2008 in the now banmned Tibetan literary journal Shar Dhung Ri ( Eastern Coch Mountain). He was arrested Lanzhou PSB officers along with another Tibetan writer Tashi Rabten (well-known by his pen name Theurang) for their activism and essay publications on 6 April 2010. He was freed after 32 day after being subjected to interrogation and torture. Theurang was charged and later sentenced to 4 years in prison, released after completing his prison term on 29 March 2014.

After his release, Shokjang remained under close surveillance, he was barred from attending the convocation ceremony upon his graduation and experienced extreme discrimination and difficulty in government jobs.

An intellectual, wirter and blogger, Shokjang continued to write after he was released. With four books and numerous articles in his nale, he had translated into Tibetan works of many Chinese writers and intellectuals including Wang Lixiong and Yu Jie into Tibetan.

He was arrested at gunpoint by two police officers on March 19, 2015, three days after writing a blog post about the unnecessary deployment of a heavy troop in in Qinghai’s Rebgong (Tongren) county and other Tibetan regions and later, transferred to the county detention centre the next day. He was arbitratrily deatined for more than a month before it was declared that he was in police custody on 5 May. The Intermediate People’s Court in Malho later held trail on 21 July, however it was adjourned for seven months after Shokjang refused to accept the charges levied against him.

Later, a second trial was held and Shokjang was subsequently charged for “inciting separatism” and “disturbing social stability”, and sentenced to three years imprisonment and deprived of political rights for two years on 17 February 2016. His case drew international attention and many human rights groups and international bodies called for his release.

After years of imprisonment and hardship in prison, it is not known in detail about his health condition at the time of his release.

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