Tibetan Writer Released 11 days After Arbitrary Detention

      June 6, 2018:10 PM

A young Tibetan writer was released by authorities in Gansu Province after being detained for 11 days for unspecified charges.

Pema Gyatso, 35, is a student at the Northwest University for Nationalities in Lanzhou, the provincial capital of Gansu. He was arbitrarily detained by authorities from his university on May 25 and released on June 5.

According to reports in exile, the reason behind Gyatso’s detention is not clear. A source for Radio Free Asia, however, believed that he had previously come to the notice of the authorities for his politically sensitive writings.

Gyatso, also known by his pen-name Sota, had previously maintained a Tibetan language forum of the social media platform, WeChat, and contributed to various literary forums in Tibetan language. In an article titled “Tibet Under a Burning Flame”, Gyatso wrote about the Tibetan struggle and the self-immolation protests, and had been previously warned by the authorities about his writings.

Gyatso also taught Tibetan to illiterate Tibetans. Tibetan language rights are central to the assertion of Tibetan nationality and culture. Many teachers are detained and arrested as a result.

The news of his detention was delayed as his friends and family feared backlash from the authorities if the news of his arrest travelled outside Tibet.

As of this writing, details regarding his arrest, detention and his current health condition are not available.

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