Tibetan Writer Released After Five Years in Prison for Writing a Book

      February 5, 2018:56 AM

Gartse Jigme, monk and Tibetan writer, imprisoned for writing a book ‘Tsenpoy Nyingtop: Volume 2’ has been released after serving more than five years in Chinese prison and has since returned to his monastery on Feb. 4, 2018.


Winner of several local literary awards with a number of readership following, Gartse Jigme, now 41 years old, started writing from 1999 and has published a number of books before publishing the first volume of Tsenpoy Nyingtop in 2008 for which he was detained briefly by the local Public Security Bureau (PSB) officers in April 2011 for the views published in his book.


On 1 January 2013, Gartse Jigme was taken by police from his room at the Rebgong Gartse monastery. At the time he was planning to publish the second volume of Tsenpoy Nyingtop, containing 25-chapters reflecting on issues such as minority rights, self-immolation, Tibetan government-in-exile and the Dalai Lama as he had finished writing the book.

Gartse Jigme was held in the provincial capital of Xining for some time, followed by several months’ detention in Rebkong (Ch: Tongren) County in Malho Prefecture. However, he was later charged with ‘inciting separatism’ and sentenced to five years in prison by Tsekhog (Ch: Zekog) County People’s Intermediate Court in Malho (Ch: Huangnan) Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Qinghai Province on 14 May 2013.

The book, however, was later published in India by exile Tibetans who hail from Rebkong soon after Gartse Jigme’s sentencing.

Gartse Jigme, a monk from Gartse Monastery, was born in Garwa nomadic village of Gartse Township in Rebkong County.

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